BSE and NSE Markets: How to Invest in the Indian Stock Market

Invest in Indian Stock Markets

Stock investing is one of the best methods of earning money through proper channel of investments in all kinds of economies including recessions and booms. Especially in current economic situation that is prevailing across the globe, global recession and economic down time, one thinks that their investments should more secured and profitable than any other investments. In such kind of dilemma kind of economic situation, its better to think about investing in Indian stock markets such as Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE). Selecting a right industry and right stock portfolio in Indian stock markets can be described as an investment art, which can be learned only through experience and expertise in investing and reaping profits.

From 2009 mid June to mid July, Indian stock markets faced severe volatility, where SENSEX, Benchmark index of 30 stocks carefully observed and picked by regulatory authorities as per different criteria fixed by the authorities. This benchmark index of India is around 13,500 to 14,000 points. Most of the Indian stock market analysts and their related thought of schools opine that this benchmark index is expected to touch a notable mark of 21,000 in next 8-15 months, which means an increase of 40%. This is the reason behind the interest of most of the emerging and existing institutional investors towards Indian stock markets. During May and June 2009 the market has undergone some specific influences that rose due to country’s elections and budget. After these influences, Indian stock markets are expected to get on to a positive but gradual up run to achieve the said targets of 21,000 levels. As India has basically domestic business and domestic interdependencies that will help the country sustain global economic recession or any down trend will keep India up and steady for any investments either by Individuals or institutions across the globe.

Here are some of my suggestions to investors, eyeing to invest in Indian stock markets:

As oil and gas exploration is a major segment that really benefits due to gradual up move of oil prices:

  • It is always better and suggested to rely on a genuine equity or derivate advisor, who will differentiate the short, mid and long term targeted investments.
  • One should select the particular fields or segments that are expected to have the best growth with out a negative effect of recession and inflation. Some of the industries or segments that one can easily get benefitted in next few years might be Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Cement and Healthcare.
  • In order to select any picks or get to know the further information in investing in India, I suggest you to refer the websites and
  • More ways to invest in india.


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