Smart and Cool Tips to Invest Money in 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's and the Sweet 60's

Honey, browse through smart and cool tips to make money. Be it your 20's, 30;s, 40's, 50's or sweet sixties, sit back and enjoy financial freedom as you learn to make investments wisely today and relax tomorrow.

We all need money to survive and move ahead in life. Whether we are in our 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's or the sweet 60's, we all have to face the same economic climate and the financial anxieties. When we are young, our priority is to save for a home.When kids come along, the priority shifts and the investment strategies have to change to secure a sound financial future for them and ourseves. Here are some tips to smartly invest your money and stay stress free on account of the financial scenario throughout our life as we move from one age group to another.


* In these early years, many young people are new to their workforce. They are still renters. Most of them may have entered a relationship though still free of kids. Home ownership is still far away.

* The main focus must be to save a deposit for investment by getting the credit card debt under control and then also eliminating it finally.

* With property rates slipping and interest rates stabilised at relatively low levels, you must save deposit for a future home that may be bought easily when the market is weaker.

* Decide firmly whether or not to try to accelerate your savings growth. It can be done by diverting your funds towards a regular saving plan investing in equity funds. It is a good strategy if you accept the risk that there may be few years of flat returns as well. However, give five years time for your investments to perform.


* In their thirties, most people shall have children and many would have bought a home.

* Now, your focus must be to reduce the mortgage and try to upgrade to a better property.

* Income insurance can prove very handy for you in this recession time when the companies the world over are downsizing on pretext of saving their money.

* Keep money available for emergencies of life, do not extend yourselves financially.

* Delay renovations. The mortgage facility must allow you to draw money in case you need cash in a jiffy.

* If you are still family free and mortgage free as well, aggressive investing is for you. Focus on geared share funds or take out a margin loan in order to finance  a portfolio of direct share investments. One may also go for future contracts and the more aggressive trading warrants. Remember, losses may be generated if not handled well.


* If you had been disciplined through out your thirties, channces are that you will be able to revert to a bigger home and now carry out the previously deferred renovations

* Since your costing increases due to child factor, you need to budget carefully.If still free of kids, geared funding is your calling.

* Another alternative is to divert the money into tax effective superannuation. However, the money is locked up until you satisfy various rules of preservation.


* This is indded an enjoyable time for more sustained cash creation because of fewer family costs and higher salaries.

* Now the preferred internet vehicles are tax breaks offered by superannuation as well as more accessible super savings.

*  Many people tend to look for a financially viable life outside the normal 9 to 5 grind. Many are tempted to risk family home security in order to procure a buisness loan. Think twice if your priority is a debt free home.


* At this stage, the financial challenge is to maximize the old age pension by investing the savings in order to regenerate a retirement income.

* Build your investments around some form of allocated pension thereby maximizing social security and tax efficiency.

* Discard a defensive approach to keep money with yourself as it shll make your money run dry in few years.

* Instead of opting for a high social security pension, try opting for an allocated pension. This comprises an exposure to both local and offshore shares.


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